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Terms & Conditions:

Please read our terms & conditions carefully before buying an item from our store.

The drugs-order request is the purchaser's hazard just site.

All our drugs are genuine and developed by the pharmaceutical companies. So please make sure that you are ordering the one that is prescribed by your doctor to avoid any harmful effects to health.

We do not offer discounts, but we do resend the items to our clients who accidentally end up receiving the wrong item or don’t get the full amount of requested item.

In case there occurs a natural disaster during shipment, or the address that was provided was wrong, there will be no resend of the item.

We accept installment through MoneyGram and the Western Union. If you are looking to pay us in installments, please ask for our installment data before sending the cash.

Lastly, we are entitled to make changes to these term and conditions at any given without any prior notice. So, don’t forget to read our terms & conditions every time you make a purchase from our store.